Photographs can be very important parts of our lives, especially if your photo is a rare family portrait, historical family event or any important photo you cannot have reproduced. If you have photographic prints or negatives that are stained, scratched/damaged, faded or discolored, I can scan and digitally repair them. I will process and accurately restore these pictures using software tools, skilled techniques and an eye for detail.  Your finished photos will be delivered digitally on a CD/DVD with high resolution files and/or in photo prints in 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 or larger custom sizes.

I have many years of experience enhancing and restoring all kinds of images and your originals will be treated with the utmost care. All photographs/negatives will be returned with the restored prints or CD/DVD, or immediately following the scanning process if you prefer. Restoration pricing varies on a case by case basis depending on the extent of damage to be repaired, size and media type (print or negative). Please contact me if you would like to discuss a restoration project.

Below are a few examples of a recent restoration. Click the images to display a larger version.


An example scan of an original print (approximately 12"x18") that was badly curled, damaged and discolored. 

The finished restoration high resolution image file is capable of making reproductions up to 16"x20" or more and the client is able to archive both the original print and digital file to make prints in the future.



Another example of a badly curled, damaged and discolored print. This print is approximately 9"x25", and was scanned in sections, then stitched together and digitally restored.


The finished restoration.


A close up section of the original scanned image before restoration.

The same close up section after being digitally restored. Client requested that ink signatures be left intact, but to retouch or remove any smearing.

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